Recently, we had a new student attending our Monday bilingual Lamrim class in Chinatown. Welcome, Brother Jason!

As an introduction to this new student of ours, our monitor, Tiong Boon invited us to share our learning experience from attending the Lamrim class.

As I was the first to share in class, I simply shared what was true and close to my heart.

In late Nov 2015, I was invited to attend this bilingual Lamrim class at Chinatown by my mother. She accompanied me for one whole year of lessons before taking up other commitments.


After learning the Lamrim for 2 years, 6 months and counting, I felt that learning the Lamrim has significantly changed my life in many ways. I felt that I have become a happier person by applying what I have learnt in class into my daily life. I also shared that if there were no benefits for myself, I would rather be sleeping at home than spending my Monday nights having lessons.

After lesson, I further contemplated on the realisation that my mom had actually accompanied me for such a long time in this class! Currently, I am serving as a care co-ordinator for another class and I do see some students accompanying their friends for a couple of lessons at the beginning of the course before leaving them to continue the lessons on their own. My mom did it for me for one full year and together we went for a Dharma Seeking trip in Oct 2016!

Maybe you would think that I was just that notorious that my mother was worried that I will be skipping or worst stop attending lessons? Or this is what you would call, a mother’s love towards her children. Giving and hoping the best for her children.

Until today, I will always make it a point to go for lessons, no matter how busy my work would be. The more hectic my work was, the more I know that I must attend lessons. And each time, I was happy with the decision that I made.

Penned by Yaohua

* This is the second featured sharing in our launch of a new series: A Practitioner’s Reflection. Tiong Boon is the Monitor of our S15G027E class. He is joined by Sister Serena and Brother Samuel who are our Co-Monitors. The class also has two care co-ordinators who look into the welfare of the students and assist in administrative and logistic matters of the class.

From 2015-2017, we were well-taken care of by care co-ordinators: Jasmine and Angela. In 2018 we continue to have Angela who is joined by Nina as our care co-ordinator. Jasmine currently serves in another volunteer group of BW Monastery. Rejoice!

Starting from 4 June 2018, every Monday morning, we plan to publish a sharing by one of our S15G027E class member.

This series was inspired by our sharing done during our Lamrim Discussion Class when a new student came to join us on 21 May 2018. Often people wonder, what makes people put aside precious time once a week amidst all the busy schedule and commitments to attend the class. Where’s the “magic”, ‘why”, “benefit” or “output”? Let’s hear from the different individuals from all walks of life, sharing their take on this.

In conjunction with 2018 Master’s Remembrance Day, this is also our way to thank our lineage masters for their wisdom and compassion by reflecting on the merits of the teachings and turning the Dharma Wheel by sharing how Dharma has made us a better person.

We hope that more will be inspired to learn the way of the Buddha and practice it in their daily lives.


May sentient beings all be well and happy!

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