On My Way to Happiness 我在幸福路上

S15G027E is an awesome class!

The majority of the learners are bilingual-speaking working adults and they came with an open mind to elevate their spirituality in our urbanised city, Singapore.

Every Monday night, I look forward to share and interact with them in the Lamrim Discussion Class at the Chinatown district.

We have our sharing and discussions based on the teachings of the Buddha from the Lamrim discourse by Venerable Richang.

I particularly enjoy the vibrant interactions of diverse questions and candid answers during our class discussions.

After more than 2 1/2yrs, I am most happy to learn that most of them are still looking forward to our weekly Monday Lamrim lessons.

In addition, several of them have stepped up as volunteers to contribute their services towards benefiting others and accumulating merits towards their ultimate goal of enlightenment.

They have honoured Buddha’s teachings by doing their best to…

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