First, we gathered over dinner to come up with an excellent plan for Monlam Festival!

All of us came together to to help build our Mount Meru of sincere offering to the Lineage Masters and the Triple Gem.

Wow! Look at our Mount Meru! We built it together harmoniously!
It inspires us to practice with a firm foundation, a joyful attitude of perseverance and a strong faith till we reach the peak of enlightenment! 😇
~Edward Soong ~

We had yummilicious vegetarian food prepared by Chef Edward, Sis Katherine and Sis Sock Choo.
We were ready to be vessels to receive the Dharma of Buddha from our Lineage Masters!

Small community of virtuous friends gathering at location while another gathers at another auspicious venue!


Receiving our actual certificates from Assistant Monitor, Brother Samuel Ng. May we all be the best disciples of the Triple Gem and benefit more sentient beings till we all attain ultimate happiness!

So much to be thankful for and rejoice!
Thanks to bro Yaohua and sis Nina for doing all the purchasing of the offering items!
Thanks to bro Thomas and sis Sock Choo for opening their house!
Rejoice to sis Susan Tang for suggesting to transport the offerings in luggage bags!
Not forgetting sis Katherine who bought each of us a set of healthy Huai Shan noodles!

Rejoice to all in Lamrim Class S20Z142E!
May we all be blessed by the Triple Gem to learn the precious teachings, benefit all sentient beings till we all find ultimate happiness!