In 2014, I set off on a new phase of my life journey beginning with shaving my head for charity… as shocked as my friends were, the development of my life story was going to shock me even more!

Music and the Arts are my passion. In the year SG turned 50, it gave me the best year ever to combine the celebrations with my love! Simply amazing … the biggest gift came along amidst all the hype!

To upgrade my pursue of a different type of happiness from the mid to bottom range in my bucket list.

I have my aunt, Choy Leng to thank.

Not forgetting the virtuous friends from the karaoke insightful praise class!

It’s amazing how you decided to let go of one passion in pursuit of another greater passion and you reaslised that it has been planned for you that you can have the best of both worlds!

We all have our debts to clear and some are paid with money while others are paid in withstanding pain and unpleasant sufferings.

The ray of hope that breaks the darkness and let us see more clearly…

Organised series of Rise and be Triumphant Concerts during the COIVD stricken 2020.
Click to see snippets from our Playlist 1, Playlist 2 and Playlist 3.

April, May, June, Aug, Sep and Dec Editions

The joy of sharing our learning journey gives greater satisfaction than our learning itself! (Class Blog Link)

A situation should not be judged as just good or bad… It can all be rewarding if we use each situation to make positive aspirations and supplications for all. Click here for the collection and be inspired

Have shared 128 issues of “THERE IS SUNSHINE AHEAD“! Not forgetting 25 issues and counting of the legacies of virtuous lineage masters.

Gathering our Lamrim classmates to send love to our Mothers. Read these heartwarming expressions of love!

Sharing of virtuous deeds as well as attending online Global Lamrim Discussion Lessons was yet another highlight of 2020.

Infusing songs of praise in the formula to the pursuit of happiness! Click link for resources and videos…

Joint forces with the Mass Prayer Chanting group of 1000++ in strength.

Congrats to our Graduation! We completed our first round of Lamrim Studies and have our awesome monitors and super caring Care-coordinators to thank for.

3 years in a roll, we offered our song, dance and skit to the Triple Gem during the Arts and Culture’s annual Joyous Rhapsody Concerts. Bravo! and Rejoice to all! Offering in 2018, 2019 and 2020

Read and share, a good way to learn! Serenity and Insight!

Continued the journey as a lacto-ovo vegetarian since 20190617. Recommended links

The narrow escape made me more grateful to the Triple Gem for the blessings and am even more aware of the reality of impermanence.

We are who we are due to the virtuous teachers who led the way! In 2021, the itinerary includes:
1. Walking the way of the lineage masters
2. Continue to share and propagate Dharma as well as establish the teachings
3. Continue to benefit the virtuous community and all sentient beings

May all sentient beings be wise and happy!

Penned by IRENE LEE
Class of S15G027E / S20Z142E