Endless Gratitude to our Lineage Masters and the 3 Jewels

2020 is an unforgettable year for everyone. In this year, impermanence, like a big hammer struck on the bell awakening me to realise that change is the only constant. Nothing last forever, good things or bad. I would like to pay my gratitude to our Lineage Masters and 3 Jewels for constantly accompanying me throughout 2020.

In point form, I would like to share and appreciate what our Lineage Masters and 3 Jewels have done for me in 2020:
1) At the start of COVID-19, all our worries were eased as our lineage masters set us a positive direction. Instead of focusing on the negatives, we should continue to make full use of this “Human Life of Leisure and Opportunity” (HLLO) to continue to focus on our Dharma studies, to continue to do virtuous deeds by dedicating our merits to all who are currently suffering.

2) Abbot Jing Yuan gave us discourse on Lotus Sutra as well as discourses on lineage masters’ kindness.

3) We can continue learning the Teaching via Zoom. Thankful for Abbot’s quick and decisive direction for us.

4) Global Lamrim II has been prepared for us weekly since 2018.

5) We received the gift of an insightful praise (IP) “In This Moment” which was translated from Chinese to English, Korean and French. The purpose for this IP is to ease fear and anxiety of all who hears this IP.

6) Gratitude for BW Monastery for creating so many online chanting, lessons, pujas for all of us to constantly keep our focus on positivity and dedicating to all who are suffering.

7) Gratitude for the opportunity to listen to the discourse of Serenity and Insight on a weekly basis too. This is beyond one’s imagination (once in a trillion kalpa) that we have the merits to learn it in this life.

To share a few reflections, I had for 2020:
1) As much as we would like to avoid obstacles in life. They are the best chances for us to grow from them.

2) The invisible enemy has created fear and death for all. The invisible enemy has also reminded us about Life and Death. With this HLLO and Mindfulness of Death (MOD), I began to have a slightly better understanding from the teaching. It is good that we accept it and learn to cherish and care for the people around us.

3) What was once taken for granted must be cherished again.

4) Thankfully, the people I know as well as myself were blessed with good health during this period. But good health was created by the virtuous deeds which were planted in the past. And who taught me to plant these seeds of virtuous deeds that allowed me to be safe during this pandemic? They are the same people who continued to guide me in 2020. My lineage masters and 3 Jewels.

For 2021, supplicate the following:

1) Hope all will resume back to normal soon.
2) To continue to learn, contemplate and practice on the teaching.
3) To continue to be mindful of HLLO and MOD.
4) To learn to appreciate and cherish the people around me.
5) To continue to plant more virtuous seeds of karma for the people around me and for myself.
Once again, I would be thankful and grateful for our lineage master and 3 Jewels for accompanying and guiding me life after life. Let’s continue to strive on!

Penned by Yim Yaohua
Class of S20Z142E