My Mother’s Day 2020
My mother is a simple and thrifty mother with traditional virtues. She has been leading a simple life, beginning from her kampong upbringing till now living in a comfortable HDB. Through the years, she would never spend money unnecessarily. Her meals are always simple and down-to-earth coming from a humble background. She also prefers to enjoy the senior citizen fare on a bus ride instead of spending on taxi rides or the equivalent, unless travelling in a group or to unfamiliar places.

Though all of my siblings have grown up and some of her grandchildren are already working, she is still very concerned about the welfare of all of us. I used to visit temples to pray for good health and school grades with my mother when I was in primary and secondary school. My mother used to boil various kinds of tonic for us when we were studying, especially during the exam periods. She wanted to continue when we have grown up but we were not able to appreciate her kind intentions then.

My mother loves to watch the street ‘wayangs’ and used to follow the 新赛凤 troupe all over Singapore wherever they were performing. I used to fetch her there and some times back home for many years when I previously drove. Thus, I grew up watching a lot of these local traditional operas and Taiwanese 楊麗花 dramas on video tapes with her when I was growing up. Maybe that’s how I picked up some musical sense! I found these Taiwanese videos on YouTube recently and created playlist for her to watch during the Circuit Breaker period. Unfortunately, she does not know how to operate the computer and thus have yet to watch them!

My happiest moment for my mother was when she was connected to the teaching of Buddha after attending the senior citizens’ Evergreen Class some years back. She began attending the Insightful Praise and Chinese Lamrim lessons diligently.

Rejoice to all BW Monastery’s virtuous volunteers who under our Teachers’ guidance, have paved the learning path for my mom! She was attending a few classes every week happily and will even take bus rides from home in Bedok to our monastery in Woodlands during festive events before Circuit Breaker took effect.

Now, she happily attends the online classes or pujas at home. My deepest gratitude to our Teachers for receiving and guiding her to become a better person every day and hope she will continue to walk this path together with our Teachers live after live!

As today is Mother’s Day and many bakeries remain closed, I decided to buy her an Impossible Burger 🍔 for dinner the night before. Though we are unable to have dinner or celebrate together, I wished her happiness, good health and to be living in auspicious moments every day!

Penned by Lim Tiong Boon

Filial Piety towards our Mothers
孝敬母亲 – 斋僧供灯积福

Accumulate Merits through  Sangha & Light Offering
This year we’ll probably celebrate Mother’s Day in quarantine.

To stay close to your Mother, you can do a Mother’s Day Special Offering to Buddha and Bodhisattvas for her. 

This will bestow divine blessings for her health and well-being. What better way to show your love and filial piety then making this offering as a gift for your beloved Mother.