Unlike the usual family nucleus, I am very fortunate to have 2 sets of parents. I was born into a family with 5 sons and 5 daughters.

My parents were farmers, rearing pigs, ducks, chicken with some plantations of limes, chillies, papayas, rambutans, etc. I was the 7th child of the family. When I was 40 days old, I was fostered out to another family. (This was the family of my biological father’s cousin)

My adoptive parents had only a girl and a boy. My adoptive siblings are 17 and 15 years older than me. The others in the photo below are my niece n nephews.

Since young, everyone who knows me would say that I was so fortunate. Not having to stay with my own family as life back home at the farm was very tough and all children had to do a lot of laborious and tedious chores.

My adoptive family was also very poor in the early 60s. When I was 6 years old, my adoptive dad, a fish monger, met with a serious traffic accident. His motor trishaw was crushed by another vehicle driven by a drunk driver, thus breaking his leg.
Life then was really tough but my mum did not complain at all. She just gritted her teeth with perseverance and said that life will improve if we don’t give up. I would not elaborate on the hardship we went through but to OMAK (Observe Merits Appreciate Kindness) my mum for her determination to strive on and overcome life’s challenges, leading our family to see a bright future.

Occasionally, my adoptive mum would still bring me back to visit my biological family. I was shy and not used to mixing around with my biological parents and siblings. My mum would always give me encouragement and taught me to accept them.

I was so grateful to her teachings and learnt to accept the fact that I am indeed fortunate to have 2 pairs of parents.

Now, all my 4 parents have left us but they will always remain in my heart. I always prayed for their good rebirth after I joined BW Monastery, where I learned Mahayana Buddhism.

I am thankful to my biological parents for giving birth to me and even more thankful to my adoptive family for bringing me up. Mega thanks and I love all of you.

I would also like to thank Shifu, Teacher and the Triple Gems for guiding me on this Mahayana path till we reach enlightenment. 🙏🙏🙏


Filial Piety towards our Mothers
孝敬母亲 – 斋僧供灯积福

Accumulate Merits through  Sangha & Light Offering
This year we’ll probably celebrate Mother’s Day in quarantine.

To stay close to your Mother, you can do a Mother’s Day Special Offering to Buddha and Bodhisattvas for her. 

This will bestow divine blessings for her health and well-being. What better way to show your love and filial piety then making this offering as a gift for your beloved Mother.