Mom, You are My Inspiration
Her most generous gift to our family is all of Mom’s time and her youth. Thirty years has passed. She gave up her work for the family to become a housewife. As the sole breadwinner of the family, my father started running a business and mom dedicated her time to taking good care of us. She will be the earliest to start the morning house chores and latest to bed after making sure that we have the best for the day.
I love how she raised us up and taking care us with lots of love, care, patience, kindness and compassion. When I was younger, I always wish to travel with her to see the world since she is such a dedicated housewife who often stayed at home. I remembered, when we first travelled during the winter season to Perth, Australia, she offered, “Let’s give the man sitting at the corner of the street some money, he is shivering and he must be hunger for some food”.

I then walked towards the man and passed the money to him. The look on his face made my eyes teary. Mom’s giving heart always touched me wherever she went.

We used to have a vegetable and fruit plantation at our backyard. Mom would love to share the harvests with our relatives, friends and neighbours too. I admire my parent’s passion, love and care for nature too. Just like how they started planting, watering the plant daily, rain or shine, till the day the flower blossom.

Thank You, Mom for Everything
Thank you, Mom for everything that you have done since the day I was born.
Thank you, Mom for the warm shelter and meal that you have provided for the family.
Thank you, Mom for every gesture of love and words of encouragement.
Thank you, Mom for bringing me into this world, because without you, I wouldn’t be here today to carry on the mission to cultivate love and compassion.

Journey to Buddhahood
Now, I would like OMAK (Observe Merits Appreciate Kindness) my Aunt from Hong Kong.

Two years ago, during the Chinese New Year season, I started to learn Lamrim and since then I am very thankful to be able to learn with the guidance of Monitors and virtuous classmates.

Our Lamrim class at the BWM Joyous Rhapsody: HOPE concert

Thousands of lights can be lighted from a single candle and each has an awakening moment. Throughout the year, I encouraged my mom to learn Lamrim as well.
I always stay connected with my mom in Malaysia although we are miles apart. Every week, she would like to hear what I have learnt from my Monday Lamrim class. I prayed to the Triple Gem to bless her with path towards the enlightenment. This was my way to repay her kindness of her sacrifice for the family.

One year later, my mom joined the Lamrim class in Malaysia as well. I aspire to reach Buddhahood quickly with my mom during this journey. Rejoice to mom for her diligence and perseverance in the Auspicious Puja event and other virtuous activities.🙏🙏🙏😊😊😊

Happy Mother’s Day, dear Mom! I love you more than words can say.

With love,
Chou Kit Yan

Filial Piety towards our Mothers
孝敬母亲 – 斋僧供灯积福

Accumulate Merits through  Sangha & Light Offering
This year we’ll probably celebrate Mother’s Day in quarantine.

To stay close to your Mother, you can do a Mother’s Day Special Offering to Buddha and Bodhisattvas for her. 

This will bestow divine blessings for her health and well-being. What better way to show your love and filial piety then making this offering as a gift for your beloved Mother.