My Mother, My Dharma Protector:

I took the 8 precepts online today and after lunch my mum just asked me to leave the dishes, she said, “I will help you guard your precepts.” The words melted my heart and streams of gratitude made my eyes moist. Since young, our mothers have been sheltering us. Now, despite that we are all grown up, their concern didn’t change and that really moved me. I recalled a statement made by another classmate that says, “Only when you become a mother, then you will be able to feel for your mother.”

我的护法, 我的妈妈:

今天在线上受八关斋戒,在结斋前妈咪叫我把碗放着,她说:“我做护戒。” 我心中一震感激的话直涌而上,化成泪臆湿了眼眶。从小到大,妈咪每次都是这样无私的保护着我们。即便现在这么大了也不例外,让我无比感动。想起一位同学说过,“妈妈的苦只有你当了妈妈后你才能体会。”

After lunch, I palms together, my mom received the first bow from me.   


My First lesson on Generosity:

In my vague pre-kindergarten memories, I will tag along with my mother to the wet markets. On the way back, there is an Indian prata shop. Often sitting on the steps outside, was a dark skinned, frail-looking uncle, wispy white hair, long beard, stained white shirt and sarong. In his hands, he had a plastic cup. He just sat, listless. Mother gave him 10 cents. Eyes opened wide, his iris and sclera were clearly distinct. He just nodded, revealing a smile. That is when I found out that his teeth were very white! At a young age, I felt shy and uneasy, I gave a tight smile and went off.

“Mum, why did you give uncle money?”

“Uncle don’t have money for meals, I’m giving him a little so he can buy something to eat.”

Following that, the few times I got to see this uncle sitting outside the prata shop, mum will get me to drop five or ten cents in his cup.

Ten cents, is my first lesson on generosity.


在我还没上幼稚园的时模糊记忆中,妈咪会带我上巴刹,回家路上经过印度煎饼店买早餐。煎饼店门口有位皮肤黑黑,白发苍苍,胡子长长,白衣和白纱笼也有些脏脏的老伯,手里拿着一个塑料杯,颓废愁肠的坐在地上, 这时妈咪给了他两毛钱。这位阿伯的眼睛立刻亮了起来,睁很大,他眼珠黑白分明,一直点头,露出笑容后我发现原来他连牙齿也很白!其实很少和陌生人接触的我,当时心里觉得有点害怕,绷紧脸皮,把腿就走。

“妈咪,妳为什么给uncle 钱?”

“Uncle 没有钱吃饭,给他一点钱,他可以买东西吃。”

接下来有几次遇到他,妈咪都让给他一毛钱。一毛钱 ,是我布施第一堂课。

My Mom’s Compassion:

Not long after my mum studied Lamrim, I found her weird. Once there was a cockroach running in the hall, my mum was trying to catch it, blurting out, “Oh, oh, oh, little pals, don’t run!”

“Little pals?” I heard it right and replied in disbelief, “Mum, that’s a cockroach!”

“That’s right, we shouldn’t kill. I’ll let it take refuge and release it.”


I was so stunned ‘like vegetable’ and find my mum really ‘weird’. Now, after I have started learning Lamrim for almost five years, I think I am starting to be ‘weird’ like her. 


在妈咪开始学佛不久后,觉得她很怪。 有一次家里出现了一只蟑螂,妈咪急刻想把它抓起来,追着喊着:“喔,喔,喔,小朋友不要跑!”

我直接就答, “妈咪,那是蟑螂呀!”




Master Jih-Chang mentioned in his discourse, the root of compassion is love: “How the first four personal instructions – recognition of all living beings are your mothers through the development of love – act as the causes of compassion.”

I really appreciate my mum’s persistence in introducing Lamrim to me – With all gratitude, thanks mum! And thanks to our compassionate Buddha, Master and Teacher, who are like mothers to me. For despite all odds, you have spoken to benefit all sentients beings! Thank you!

Thank you for reading, may you be happy, always!



WeiLin 许炜琳

Filial Piety towards our Mothers
孝敬母亲 – 斋僧供灯积福

Accumulate Merits through  Sangha & Light Offering
This year we’ll probably celebrate Mother’s Day in quarantine.

To stay close to your Mother, you can do a Mother’s Day Special Offering to Buddha and Bodhisattvas for her. 

This will bestow divine blessings for her health and well-being. What better way to show your love and filial piety then making this offering as a gift for your beloved Mother.