Being healthy is now a trend, going vegetarian is now a fashion, and sustainable food with fair-trade is too. Are you keeping up with the trend and fashion?
The perfect lunch of inflammation prevention cuisine, three healthy dishes served at once! At the same time, a doctor will explain the concept of "the correct intake of fats" to us ~ good ideas can be used in daily life. Come and be healthy with us!

健康是一種潮流,蔬食是一種時尚,心食尚,你跟上了嗎? 抗發炎料理的完美午餐,三道健康好菜一次上桌!同時還有醫師為我們說明「正確攝取油脂」的概念喔~好的觀念可以運用在日常生活中。快跟我們一起吃出健康吧!