Being healthy is now a trend, going vegetarian is now a fashion, and sustainable food with fair-trade is too. Are you keeping up with the trend and fashion?
With regards to your health, do you know the concept of "gearing up your defence against COVID-19"? Before making a delicious meal, we ask a doctor to introduce this important concept. Don't miss it!

健康是一種潮流,蔬食是一種時尚,心食尚,你跟上了嗎? 講究健康的你,還不知道「抗發炎」的概念嗎?在做美味大餐之前,我們請醫師介紹這個重要的概念,你絕對不能錯過喔!講究健康的你,還不知道「抗發炎」的概念嗎?在做美味大餐之前,我們請醫師介紹這個重要的概念,你絕對不能錯過喔!