Some weeks ago, Sister Pei Er asked me to give a sharing about my Lamrim learning journey from the perspective of an educator.

I agreed and started thinking about what I should share.

Fortunately, I had the resource of this Lamrim Class Blog to rely upon.

Grateful to our BW Monastery’s Abbot Venerable Jing Yuan for encouraging us to share our learning from class as well as our virtuous deeds and class activities in our class blog. As I searched through the class blog, I found a suitable reflection which I could share…

Below is my humble and sincere sharing:

I started with a simple introduction of how I started learning the Lamrim.

Then shared the variety of activities that our class did apart from the studying and discussion of the Lamrim in class. These activities ranged from charity events to festive get-togethers to saving the environment and many more.

I introduced our class blog:《ON MY WAY TO HAPPINESS》which is our online reflective journal of our Bodhi path.

So one may ask me, what clicked for me when it comes to Buddhism and Education?

To me, Buddhism is an empowerment which gives hope through sharing done with unconditional love and compassion.

Buddhism is also education by our Teacher, the Buddha who enables growth and leads us to gain wisdom, offering opportunity to one and all, from loved ones to enemies: true equality!

What is one of the lessons learnt that has a great impact on me? It is the lesson on developing the attitude of being compassionate.

To be a Buddha, one must gain 100% in wisdom and 100% in being compassionate.

So I had an awakening…

With this grateful heart, I wrote a poem dedicated to all my students…

Having observed the merits of my students, I began appreciating the kindness of my teachers. The following poem was thus penned:

I wish to dedicate the second poem to all educators for your impartiality towards your students and the guidance as well as unconditional love that you showered onto your students.

Thank you!

Penned by Irene Lee CK

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