After an eight-hour journey on the road, I finally arrived at the lodge on the mountain of West Virginia, USA. Sitting in front of an otherwise beautiful lake, today it has an overcast of the gloomy sky, with huge raindrops splattering on the window pane and the brown bare trees hardly able to withstand the strong gust.

This was definitely not quite the same as the picture of blue lake and greenery with flowers which I have seen on a marketing poster.

At this moment, I took a pause. Do I lament over the awful weather causing me be unable to enjoy any of the scenery and hike? Afterall, it was a long journey which I took and I still have a day here. Or perhaps, I could take this chance to catch my breath from the hectic 2 weeks of travel and re-align my thoughts.

The stillness of the lake sets in and I was able to spend some quality time to do my work as part of the BWM Translation Team for the Global Lamrim English translation. It is always enlightening to re-listen to Teacher’s discourses in this mission.

My heart immediately calmed down from all the hustle.

“ 你開始幫忙很多很多人,這時候你發現什麼?你亂了,你步伐亂了、心亂了,所以你的苦也就多了。你的苦多了是為什麼呀?因為你承載了比你自己原來多的重擔。”

Very often, it’s about our perspective towards the events in our life – the good and the bad. Thank you, Triple Gem for giving me the positive train of thought to rely on and get through it all.


As with everything in life, we encounter many unhappy events but I’m blessed to have Shifu and Teacher with me, guiding me through all the storms in my life since I joined the Lamrim discussion class in 2016.


How do you face the storms in your life? What is the anchor that holds you during the storm?

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Penned by Nina Lee