Before I started learning Lamrim, self-help books are really interesting to me and they offer alternative perspectives (provided I finish reading the book). My journey to “helping myself” started with attending Anthony Robbin’s seminar during my army days. After attending his seminar, I wanted to find out what life is really about and attended many other seminars. These involved the spending of quite a lot of money. Whenever I step into a bookstore, I would be walking out with at least 1 self-help book.

My quest to know more, to be better than others, to retire early, to have a lot of money and so on… carried on for a period of time. However, something is fundamentally not right. My life was still kind of in a mess. What I know from all the books just didn’t seem to help me work out what I faced in life.


It was so until the day I was invited to attend a Buddhist Studies class. That was my turning point.

Until today, I still remember that my first lesson in our Chinatown district class was OMAK (Observing Merits Appreciating Kindness). Within a short time into the lesson, I was amazed or rather shocked that what was taught in class was from a motivational speaker’s whole life of work. Immediately, I felt that there was so much more that can be learnt from this “Buddhism Class” and I continued to attend lessons to find out more.


Unknowingly, I have been studying for 3 years and it only gets more interesting because it is not just listening in class. It’s about listening, contemplating and applying what we learnt into our daily life. This Buddhism Studies Class is called the Lamrim Class.

Before learning the Lamrim, my happiness indicator is based on what I think is morally right. What seems logically correct is correct for me. After learning Lamrim, I realised that Lamrim is the only “self-help” book I would ever need to read if I read it well and applied it into my life. Apart from learning the Lamrim, it is the environment that nurtures us to be better. The environment consists of our Guru who teaches us tirelessly and the virtuous friends who motivates you along the way.


I have benefited greatly and enjoyed throughout these 3 years and I hope by sharing my experience here, will encourage more people to learn the impeccable teachings by the Buddha. I hope you would take the first step to change your life as you are worth it!

I would like to invite you to come join us! We have classes starting at different locations in Singapore which you may be interested in. On 30th April, we would be starting a 10-Lesson Bilingual Class at Chinatown. In these 10 lessons, we will be sharing an overview of what is taught in the Lamrim Class. If you are interested, please sign up at the link below:

In our blog, you can also find many articles written by my virtuous classmates, care co-ordinators and monitors. These are the sharing of our journey as Lamrim class, S15G027E. I hope that you would join us. I will leave you with one of my favourite quotes from Buddha.

Penned by Yao Hua.