I must say that I am grateful to the organisers of the 2019 Monlam Festival held in Taiwan as well as my groupmates and group leaders from Singapore. In addition, I am even more thankful to the Three Jewels, our Master and our Teacher for the opportunity to participate in the 5-day religious trip in Taiwan, Yunlin in March.

It is such a privilege for all who were able to listen to the Rinpoche’s discourse during the Monlam Festival and learn the teachings of the Buddha. Being part of a virtuous community, diligently seeking Buddha’s Dharma from Rinpoche, we have planted such virtuous seeds for our infinite lives. Mega Rejoice to all! I am both honoured and illuminated with excitement.

Upon reflection, I have come to see that in our eons of lives before, we have accumulated so much karmic obstacles, knowingly and unknowingly. Thus, I dedicate the merits of this trip and supplicate for my family and myself to have favourable conditions in our daily lives! I shall be diligent at taking good care of my family and chant the priceless Sutras preserved and propagated by our lineage masters. May the compassionate Buddhas bless my family with good health and happiness in all their endeavours.

Below are some of the joyous moments from the 2019 Monlam Festival:

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~Penned by Audrey Cheng ~