A huge virtuous Prajna wave moved S15G027E on 16.2.19.

What caused this wave? It was a wave towards the shore of ultimate happiness sent by our beloved and compassionate teacher who touched our hearts by sharing the “unbelievable medicine for all sickness”!

Would anyone pay for such a medicine? Perhaps those who believe may pay with their life fortune for it but for many like myself, we would think that the seller is a fake or a quack!

However, there is such an amazing medicine shared with us by Buddha. A medicine unknown to many, a medicine that is deemed by some to be impossible to exist.

Our teacher shared that this medicine from Buddha is found in the treasure cove of the Mahaprajnaparamita Sutra! Found in the concept of “EMPTINESS”!

Our lineage masters passed this knowledge down from Buddha and Master Jih-Chang started the Taiwan Sangha and lay persons on the practice of chanting this sutra about 20 years ago.

Two decades since its beginning, not many in my 3-year bilingual Lamrim class has this practice. Only our monitors have built their practice.

As bilingual students, the Chinese Language is a challenge to be overcome in our learning process of the Lamrim. It is not our forte! We took on the challenge by attending the Lamrim class and we have been on our way to happiness for a joyous 3 years. However, hearing about the Mahaprajnaparamita Sutra did not move many of us in the past to pick up the practice. Only one or two have tried starting but sadly with little progress. Rejoice though to their efforts to begin and plant the seed of achieving enlightenment!

2 years ago, our class did collectively chant 1 scroll of the Mahaprajnaparamita Sutra for our Master Remembrance Day Collective Merit Accumulation Project. However, many in the class stopped after the project ended.

By now, the trend is clear, take-up rate is low, ability to forge ahead in progress is even harder.

It is through the compassionate and patient sharing of our Teacher at the recent 16.2.19 Dharma Enrichment Course that we were inspired to join the online chanting of the Mahaprajnaparamita Sutra with the Sangha from Taiwan as well as PEI on the day of Late Master Jih-Chang’s 90th Birthday. This is to repay his kindness of bringing Lamrim to our Asian-Chinese Community, unheard of 30 years ago.

Thank you, Master Jih-Chang! Infinitely grateful!

Our monitor, Tiong Boon made it easier for us by sharing a pdf document of the sutra in Simplified Chinese along with Han Yu Pin Yin. Without which, many of us would be lost! Thanks, dear monitor!

“Today is an auspicious record breaking day for all of u who has recited! 💪
I broke my own daily record on reciting 6 scrolls of Mahaprajnaparamita Sūtra too! 👊🎊
Rejoice with gratitude! 👏😊🌟”
~Monitor Tiong Boon~

The power of a learning community and a motivational and aspirational teacher-leader!

Sister Priscilla and myself chanted our first scroll on 19.2.19 since the 2017 MRD! Like Monitor Tiong Boon, I managed 6 scrolls yesterday! A great way to begin! The way to go from here would be to have a steady flow but not in high speed. Now, the engine has been fired up, we need to do the enduring marathon! Our class encouraged each other over our class chat to cheer each other to ride on this PRAJNA WAVE!

Some classmates could not join in the day chanting sessions as they were working but they participated for the evening sessions. Rejoice their diligence! Sister Nina with her mom while my aunt was with me and Brother Yaohua with his mom, all in our respective residences chanting the sutra after our CNY 15th day dinner with our families! Mega Rejoice!

For those in class and my family who could not join in the puja, I visualised all of them with us through the chanting sessions with the help of our class and family photos.

May we all learn the teachings of Buddha well and together achieve the state of Buddhahood and benefit all sentient beings!

Schedule on 19.2.19


09:00 ~ 10:00 Scroll 434
10:30 ~ 11:30 Scroll 435
14:30 ~ 15:30 Scroll 436
16:00 ~ 17:00 Scroll 437
19:30 ~ 20:30 Scroll 438

21:00 ~ 22:00 Scroll 439

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Penned by Irene Lee S15G027E