So wonderful to end our Saturday with my aunt at BW Monastery with an auspicious lighting up of the Abundant Blessings Family Lantern.

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The monastery had the honour of the MP Vikram Nair of Sembawang GRC who graced the event and lighted the Abundant Blessings Family Lantern welcoming the Lunar New Year through paying respect to all Buddhas, repent the past non-virtuous deeds, and make offerings to the Triple Gem for bliss and wisdom.

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Rejoice to all who offered lamps, lotus charms and Ruyi knots for the event.

BW Monastery even specially prepared a Puja Section to welcome the New Year with you; to supplicate for obscuration and sickness to be eliminated, and for the increase in bliss and wisdom.

There was also a segment where we give thanks to our parents, family and friends for being there for us through the years and we wish them all the best with the coming year in 2019! This segment, the evergreen seniors from our BWM Seniors Group, youth from our youth group as well as the little tots from our children’s classes came together to put up a heart warming performance of song and dance! Thanks to the Triple Gem for bringing us together for this joyous moment for all ages!

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Many activities lined up from for the coming Lunar New Year 2019!

CNY Carnival 吉祥新春嘉年华会 Saturday, 19 January 2019 10:30 am 7:00 pm 20/1/2019 (Sunday) 10.30 am-4.00pm


Chinese New Year’s Eve Celebration 2019 除夕普佛迎新春 Monday, 4 February 20198:00 pm Tuesday, 5 February 20191:00 am