Some mind triggering advice by Venerable Zusheng in today’s Chinese Auspicious Puja.

Would you allow others to scold you, be reprimanded by others or looked down upon by others?

I believe anyone in their right frame of mind would not want the above to happen to them.

Under what situation would one then allow this?

This is done with a compassionate heart in a situation where we would want to benefit all sentient beings and not harm them.

Only this way, can one fully benefit from virtuous deeds done like in volunteering.

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Lecturer 黄青海 also shared insights of how we can improve our relationship with those around us and thus become a happier person!

The secret is “Gratitude is the Attitude”!

For the English Auspicious Puja, Lecturer Dawn Chen Peiqi shared one of her treasured learnings as a Buddhist practitioner.






Our motivation within our hearts is the deciding factor of our karmic footprints.

Not that actions are not important but motivation leads us to have a mindset and if not careful, we will allow our hearts to run off with occurences of the incidents and experiences that we encountered and react in a hostile or uncompassionate manner.

It is easy to love a friend, but how many of us can love our enemies?

When misfortune befalls our enemies, can we guard our hearts from non-virtuous deeds like celebrating our enemies sufferings or worse deepening their suffering?

The following is an example of a buddhist monk who prays to be compassionate in a very difficult situation.

Venerable Bensi also shared about him taking refuge in Medicine Buddha so as to be able to conduct the puja this morning for us.

Grateful to Venerable Bensi for putting propagating Dharma before self. Selfless and compasstionate.

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Our violinist, Vanessa Shen and English Auspicious Puja Singing Group:

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Rejoice to all who made the puja possible and all participants.

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