The past serves as a learning process but is not within our control anymore.

The present is ours to maximise and the future holds the fruits we have cultivated and to be harvested.

So how did we invest the last day of 2018?


Besides offering lamps, how else can we gain wisdom? The wise and compassionate Buddha has handed down the precious sutras to show the ways. At the Auspicious Light Festival and BW Monastery’s Wisdom Stations, we had many opportunities to activate our grey matter and gain wisdom!

Sutra Copying

My family and I each copied the Chinese Heart Sutra together. So glad to see so many members of our class S15G027E volunteering for the event! Rejoice to all and have a great year ahead in 2019!

~ Co-Monitor Samuel ~

Chanting of Mantras


Memorizing of Words of Wisdom 背书

Proverbs of Wisdom

Venerating the Dharma Jewel 恭敬法宝

Planted the seeds of wisdom, looking forward to its day of blossom!

It was a meaningful volunteering event for both us on 29.12.18, Saturday. Looking forward to the Refuge Taking Ceremony on 1.1.19! :))

~ Karen ~

Grateful to BW Monastery and the organising committee for creating all these opportunities for us!

Rejoice our class S15G027E for coming to BW Monastery as our class activity for our Monday Lamrim Class!

Rejoice to Audrey, Yaohua, Poh Jee, Nina and Karen of our class for volunteering for the meaningful event!

Our Chinatown District Head, Mr Kok Chee Choon and our fellow district Lamrim students with our Abbot Venerable Jing Yuan.

More Chinatown district volunteers:

Rejoice to all who participated and volunteered in the three- day event!

All the best for 2019!

Today, on the first day of 2019, BW Monastery will be conducting a Refuge Ceremony Taking Ceremony. Rejoice to all participants!

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