An awesome auspicious beginning to start our 2019!

Taking Refuge in the house of the Triple Gem in BW Monastery!


The first step of entering Buddhism is to take refuge in the Triple Gem.

Through the blessings and care of Three Jewels, we will be freed from cyclic existence, fear, sadness and worries, and receive protection .

We are joyously preparing for the ceremony!

Tuesday, 1 January 20199:30 am 12:30 pm

BW Monastery

Grand Shrine Hall

No. 1 Woodlands Drive 16 Singapore 737764

Refuge Taking Complete! Mega Rejoice to all!

Grateful to Abbot Venerable Jing Yuan for conducting the Refuge Taking Ceremony 2019.

Together we have pledged to walk the path led by the Buddha, understanding and learning the Dharma alongside my virtuous community of Sangha and friends as well as practicing as a buddhist through body, speech and mind till we achieve Buddhahood!

We now have a direct line to Buddha!

Let’s spread love and compassion like Buddha and be like him! Wise and have ultimate happiness!

Penned by: Irene Lee

Class of S15G027E