In this age and time, the heart to serve our faith and save sentient beings is so so precious!


The road of the less travelled has been taken today by three individuals who have not only committed the past decade of their individual lives in the learning of the Dharma but also in serving the Triple Gem in areas like facilitation of Lamrim classes, Children’s Dharma classes as well as the Youth Division. Today, this commitment goes a step further.


As shared by our Abbot Venerable Jing Yuan, the ordination ceremony is indeed an important day of the lives of these three taking the nuns precept vows but what is even more important are the days that follow as they serve and cultivate as nuns for the rest of their devoted lives relying on the Triple Gem.




A touching part of the ceremony was to seek approval and thank their parents or the significant person(s) in the lives of the three soon-to-be novice nuns. This was also to pledge that they will treasure and dedicate their precious lives of leisure and opportunity by serving the Triple Gem as a way of repaying their parents and family.

With the right motivation in body, speech and mind set, the ordination ceremony was completed.

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Rejoice to the remarkable aspiration and devoted commitment! All Buddhas and Bodhisattvas have taken this route as a renunciate in their infinite lives before achieving enlightenment. It is stated in the Buddhist Sutras that a person who is ordained even for just a day and a night will certainly transcend the cyclic existence and attain enlightenment like the Buddha.

I am glad to attend the event with my aunts, uncle and classmate from the Karaoke Insightful Praise Class. We collectively planted virtuous seeds by attending and making aspirations. May we all have favourable conditions to be like Buddha to wear the robes one day and achieve ultimate happiness!



The Ordination Ceremony was conducted today on 23rd Dec 2018, Sunday from 9am- 10.30am at the BW Monastery, Grand Shrine Hall. 700+ devotees continued with the 88 Buddhas Repentence Puja and Dana offering to the three newly ordained nuns and 12 other venerables.

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Mega Rejoice to all!

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