Here are the great things available at today’s FEAST UP! My 1.5 hour there seemed to have flown past in a jiffy!

What’s this in the bottle?

Not a soft drink or a beer but a yummilious chocolate drink!

Next round, I will try other flavours!

Hey, is that Kermit?

Oh sorry… Mistaken identity! It is a handmade cute froggy!

I couldn’t stop at one! I bought three as gifts for my year end gathering.

With me here is the wonderful young crafty creator.

I got another few gifts.

These lovely ladies gave me excellent service at their stall!

Foodies will find it a treat here too.




Fresh and healthy organic vegetables to buy back!

The place is not short of arty zest.

Get your favourite character drawn on the hand.

Get your portrait drawn digitally or manually!

Organic Cotton and handmade soap at the stall managed by the commendable HEYPOSITIVE Youth group.

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Like these pouches?

You can win one of them!

These are lucky draw prizes for our《ON MY WAY TO HAPPINESS 我在幸福路上》blog and FB Page。

From now till 31 January 2019, all you have to do is to like, follow and share our blog as well as Facebook Page to 3 friends and get them to like and follow and you gain a chance to win one of the following pouches!

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Simple as that!

Your friends can do likewise and stand a chance to win!

There were other fantastic stalls which I didnt have time to visit!

I was privileged to see our Abbot at the event giving his support. The organising committee presented a sketch of our Abbot which was done by one of the stall artists and signed by some of the participants of today’s FEAST UP.

《Open Stage》even brought music and dance for our visitors.

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Calendar of Events at BW MONASTERY

Penned by Irene