Today, at a void deck of a HDB block, I noticed an elderly lady with a walking stick itching her way in my direction.

At first, I thought she was there doing her afternoon walking exercise as she moved very slowly from pillar to pillar.

However, as she was getting closer to me, I could see from her eyes that she was kind of in need of help. She finally spoke to me and requested for me to help her call for a cab.

I asked her for the destination and she mentioned a nursing home. I then thought she was returning to the home but after calling the cab for her and helping her get to the pickup point, she shared that she was visiting her 42 year-old daughter who had stroke. In fact, it was not her daughter’s first stroke.

I felt sad for this elderly and frail mother who could bearly move well on her own but puts in so much physical effort just to visit her sickly daughter in a nursing home. Not to mention, the emotional pain she bears, seeing her own child on the sick bed.

She was grateful as I helped her to get into the cab.

It has been several hours into the night after our brief encounter but through the afternoon and evening, I randomly had her in my thoughts…

A mother’s love for her child is boundless as she fights her own constraints just so that she could see and care for her child.

It touches my heart to see such pure love. At the same time, I felt sad for her to go through so much suffering.

As our Lamrim class recently started our 49-day Collective Medicine Buddha Puja organised by our BW Monastery, I decided to also dedicate the merits of my chanting of the Medicine Buddha’s name and mantra to this pair of mother and child.

May they have favourable conditions and be healthy and happy.

May all who are unwell regain good health and may all be free from illnesses and suffering!


Thanks to BW Monastery for organising this Collective Medicine Buddha Puja!
Rejoice to all involved!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🌷🌷🌷