I love my family and my loved ones.

When they are around, I do my best to care for them and love them in my own ways. I like giving them good food, gifts and hugs.

However, when some of them have passed on… non of these can reach them now.

Thankfully, I can still do light offerings and puja offerings for them. In the past, I would have to visit a temple to do so but now with technology, it is made simpler by having online offerings done.

Check out the following website to do dedications to our loved ones! 请点击以下图片/网址!



May these profound merits and virtues be dedicated to our loved ones!

DEDICATIONThe puja is very auspicious as there will be the chanting of various sutras and offerings to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. The online puja services invites your participation and your sharing with all buddhist devotees! Share this with your friends!PEI OFFERING BRIEF



The Buddhist origins of the Ullambana Festival can be traced back to a story from India. In the Ullambana Sutra, there is an account of a well-to-do merchant, Mahāmoggallāna, who gave up his trade to become a Buddhist monk. After he became an arahant, he wondered what became of his parents. He travelled the Buddhist universe, and found his father in heaven. However, his mother was reborn in the Realm of Hungry Ghosts. Despite her inheritance, his mother was not generous. She did not offer daana to Buddhist monks and did not show any kindness. When she died, she was reborn in the realm of hungry ghosts. Mahāmoggallāna eventually saves her from this plight by battling various demons and entreating the help of the Buddha. The story ends with this festival and the rescue of his mother from hell. She ended up being reborn as a dog in a well-off household. It marks the first day of the Ullambana Festival.


当时佛陀对目犍连尊者说:“ 你不要以为仗你的神通之力,就能救拔你的母亲!要知道娑婆世界众生,一生都是积恶造业,罪根深重。如你欲想救拔母亲,只仗凭你个人神通之力,非依仗大福德因缘之力量,碓实是无法救离她脱出苦报!”佛教导目犍连:“你应当于七月十五日众僧自恣日,虔诚广设种种供物饮食,恭敬奉献佛僧,承仗三宝威德福力,拔济母亲脱离饿鬼道中饥渴之苦!”


We can also dedicate to the living and supplicating for blessings of the Triple Gem for favourable conditions in all that we do on our path of cultivation!

「福運齊來,無往不利! 祈福滿願,事事如意!」

individual blessing

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