During a discourse discussion today, an 8-month Lamrim student shared that she
has never met Master Jih-Chang but she would like to wish him Happy Father’s Day.

My dad has passed on for 25 years…frankly, I have not paid much attention to this day of the year for years.

Unlike, Mother’s Day though my mom has passed on for more than 4 decades and I have no memory of her. Yet, I have more gratitude towards her.

But at this Dharma Seeking Conference where we discussed about the exploration of our preparedness for death.

I realised that my heart have kind of been frozen towards my dad’s departure. Frozen for 25 years! Deeply Frozen!

Grateful for this “defrosting” process to observe the merits of my father and perhaps allow myself to digest my grief.

Regardless of whether they were a great dad or a sleeping partner in our growing up years, our fathers too have given us the gift of life!

I have found the “me” which I am unfamiliar with. Our Teacher’s discourse allowed me to reflect on my current status and have the courage to face the darkest corners of my heart.

If we can have the right views, we will be able to through contemplation after learning the Lamrim to do the right actions. With these, we will be able to eliminate the darkness in our hearts with this Dharma lamp.

For me, I did not even know that the darkness exists.

With this Dharma light within us, we can then use it to shine the path for others!

If there are many such people with lights of wisdom and compassion in their hearts, this world would be a radiant place with lots of positivity!

Thus, I decided to make an offering to Triple Gems and our teachers on behalf of my father, my fathers from my past lives from beginningless time as well as all fathers in the universe.

May they be well and happy. May they learn the Buddha’s teachings and attain the state of Buddhahood.


*Inspired by Teacher’s discourse on 16.6.18*