What kind of a place is the monastery?





No much outdoor activities

No fancy food

No personal technology devices

Wake up at 3.50am (365 days)

So what makes the nuns stay in this cold and remote area?


How does death affect all of us?

Those who are dying have no control of their fate.

Those who are losing their loved ones are helpless and see death take them away.

When we face problems, we try to find solutions to solve it.

However, when we see death… we can only accept and let it take full control.

Do you agree that death claims our life without our ability to resist?

The loved ones can only allow the process to carry on.

Are we the slave of death? Allowing us to be under death’s control without any defence?

Is there a remedy?

Buddha found the remedy 2500 over years ago.

The remedy allows all of us to be free from the clutches of the Death Lord and a slave no more!

Not only can we use the remedy for ourselves, we can lead others and free them from the Death Lord!

We can destroy death.

We need not be at the mercy of the Death Lord.

Enlightenment with Wisdom and Compassion is on the other side of the door. We are on the opposite side, repeating the turmoil of cyclic existence. Which key allows us to enter into this death-free world?

We need a miracle!

This miracle is through the study of the Five Great Treatise!

The Pioneer Batch’s Journey

拓荒 Ground breaking

摸索 Exploration

找路 Seeking the Way

Teacher Zhenru’s advice to the nuns:

As long as the nuns are able to continue on the learning programme, they must rejoice their own effort in pursuit of wisdom, compassion and ultimate happiness.

This helped motivate the nuns on their learning and enabled them to be empowered to strive on!