If you meet a wise and precious spiritual master, would you want to stay by his side and learn forever, if not at least to be with him for as long a period as possible?

Many would and many have.

But what would you do if your spiritual master sends you on a learning expedition away from him? Away from this treasure cove where you can learn the Buddha’s teaching directly from him?

Would you be reluctant or would you have faith in your Guru to know that what your Guru decides is the best for your practice and cultivation?

Often we have our wants.

We have a picture in our mind about our ideal learning method and environment and we would be resistant to any obstacles that might change that picture and spoil our plans or worse, force us out of our comfort zone.

Yet there is a disciple that took his Guru’s words and instructions to heart and had the opportunity to meet “the miracle of his spiritual life”!

Departure is hard…

Distance from our beloved and treasured Guru and loved ones is hard…

But all is worth it for the true teachings of Buddha!

Would you agree that it is worth giving your life for this ultimate destination and eternal happiness?

At this point, I recall a time where I was approached by our Abbot of BW Monastery, Venerable Jing Yuan.

With Venerable, was Sister Lee Hui Ling and our COO, Brother 猷民。Venerable wanted me to change my area of volunteering and be a group leader of another unit.

Though I have always thought that I was very forthcoming in volunteering. Sadly, my then ignorant first response was to reject the proposal. Foolishly bold.

My reason was that I just wanted to be a follower in any volunteer team and be happy serving without heavy responsibilities to lead. I had my work outside and did not want to be stressed.

Our benevolent Abbot did not even raise an eyebrow. He smiled and asked me a question. He said: “Can I not be a leader and also be a follower?”

I was dumbfounded.

I lost the debate straight away, with just a question.

Such wisdom!

My central processing unit was electrified! A powerful positive energy gushed through my jammed “hanged” brain.

What was I doing?

Always verbally aspiring to benefit all sentient beings and achieve Buddhahood.

Yet, I was rejecting the same opportunity that I supplicated for! Thinking about again makes me embarrassed of my timid reaction.

I never would have thought that I did not really know what I wanted and when the chance came for me to get what I wanted, my lack of merits made me turn away from what I wanted so dearly!

Having a rebooted system, I asked for Venerable Jing Yuan to decide for me. If he felt that I was the suitable candidate for this next spiritual set of homework. I will take up the challenge and not be fearful. Not to let my own self doubt be the obstacle for a step closer to Buddhahood. But humbly requested for guidance.

I would rely on our teachers’ wisdom as I know at times I am clouded by the societal practices and wrong views.

Dear Buddha and lineage masters, please lead the way! Please grant me wisdom and compassion!

I long for the moment we will meet and be comforted in my longing for spiritual guidance!

I long for the moment we will meet and look forward to our reunion.

Hand in hand,

heart to heart,

I will wait for our reunion!

Penned by 妙矜


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溪水中   在流淌

那是你的光 你的光

耳畔裡   在傳唱

那是你的歌 在輕輕傳揚



隨風傳來 千古的心意

乘著雲 乘著光 你的眼在發亮

笑著來到我身旁 笑著來到我身旁

紅黃暉光 照雲霞

美麗的祈願鶴 高翔在雲天上

萬花開遍 驚喜乍現

那是我望見你 久違的容顏


天花飄散 彩虹都出現

那是我夢到你 久違的容顏


快來相見 安慰我渴盼

快來相見 多盼月兒圓


啊 萬花爭放 啊 萬鶴齊翔

松柏仙鶴 地久天長 地久天長

來在我身旁  教我一同唱

師師相承 萬古流芳 萬古流芳

再來擊大法鼓 我吹大法螺唱

擎舉那正法幢 正法音聲亮


佈大法雲雨  灑下不死瓊漿

我和你遨蒼穹 安慰那饑渴心房


生生世世 我們永遠盼望

生生世世 你永遠在我身旁


師父啊 我們沒有散

手拉手 心連心 等你到月亮圓


師父啊 我們沒有散

手拉手 心連心 等你到月亮圓

手拉手 心連心 等你到月亮圓