I was invited to volunteer on Mother’s Day for an event which as a collaboration between Roses of Peace and BW Monastery.

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Prior to this, I was not aware of the organisation: Roses of Peace. However, it is an organisation which started in 2012 with the noble intention to inspire religious harmony in Singapore. Happy to have this opportunity to share this aspiration of spreading peace and harmony.

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On 12.5.18, Saturday night, we gathered at BW Monastery to prepare the 2500 roses which were to be given out on Sunday, Mother’s Day. The roses were also prepared in commemoration of the upcoming Vesak Day.

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Each stalk of rose carries a card with words of wisdom from Gautama Buddha, Prophet Muhammad, Jesus Christ and Mawlana Rumi.  You may read more about them at their website: http://www.rosesofpeace.com

Roses of Peace partnered with BW Monastery 吉祥宝聚寺 to spread the spirit of Vesak: to practice love, peace and harmony as taught by the Buddha and also show gratitude to the noble mothers in our community today! Volunteers distributed 2,500 roses that were attached to interfaith messages of peace, love and harmony from faith luminaries such as Gautama Buddha, Prophet Muhammad and Jesus Christ, at Woodlands, Sembawang and Admirality. Catch the news segment on Seithi.Mediacorp (the Tamil News) here! 🙂


On Sunday, we went to Woodlands, Admiralty and Sembawang to distribute the roses. Each rose gave a message to promote interfaith messages of peace, love and harmony. Each volunteer had 2 buckets about 40 roses.

Roses of Peace x BW Monastery | We are celebrating the spirit of Vesak: to practice peace, love and harmony and are also showing gratitude to the beautiful Mother’s out there! If you are at Woodlands and Sembawang area be sure to look for our lovely volunteers! 🌹😇✌🏻


In less than 20 minutes, I have distributed all my roses. I was surrounded by many people who walked towards me to receive the roses. Many were very happy, thankful and excited to receive the roses.

Celebrating Mother’s Day by truly encompassing the spirit of Vesak! From excited little children to loving husbands are picking a rose for the beautiful mothers out there! Do you know what makes it more meaningful? They are all bringing their mothers the heartfelt messages of peace. Today, peace, love and harmony will reach every household and thank you to all the beautiful mother’s out there for being the reason! ❤🌹😇✌🏻 #RosesofPeace #Peace #Love #Harmony #Kindness #VesakDay #Mothersday


Though it may not be easy to measure the effectiveness of the event creating racial harmony in the community, but the message brings awareness of its importance through inter-religious outreach and bonding. I am very sure that we have at least brought happiness to every individual who received the flowers and those who volunteered.

I am looking forward to the next event organised by The Roses of Peace and hopefully we can spread the message of racial harmony to even more people with more roses.

When I was sharing about my experience with Irene, my classmate from my Monday Buddhist class, my mother coincidently forwarded me a Chinese message on the benefits of offering flower to the Triple Gems. Unbelievably timely! 🙂

More interestingly, Irene did a translation of these benefits some time back for BW Monastery and shared it with me. Such serendipity of virtuous deeds in Dharma sharing!

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Please take time to read the benefits listed below in both Chinese and English, visualise the 2500 flowers given out on 13.05.18 and offer them to the Three Jewels.

Offering of Flowers
The sincere offering of flowers allows the flower fragrances to reach the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in the ten directions. One can supplicate to be beautiful and dignified, life after life, having a pure and peaceful heart, free from afflictions.

The meritorious and auspicious act of offering flowers brings many benefits such as:

  • One becomes like a flower in the world. You will be very beautiful.
  • One will never have bad body odour and will be completely purified.
  • Wherever the person goes, there will be the fragrance of prosperity and ethical discipline.
  • The sense of smell will never degenerate.
  • One will be a leader of the world and of holy beings. The scent of the morality of the person will spread in all directions and corners.
  • A smell of scented nectar will come from the body.
  • One will achieve beautiful and attractive things like having the right views and being learned.
  • One will have great wealth and merits.
  • One will be reborn in a higher rebirth like in the heavenly skies.
  • One will quickly achieve the sorrowless state and achieve enlightenment, the great liberation.






Penned by: Yao Hua

Edited by: Irene Lee