…On 6th Dec 2004, Grandma told my fifth aunt that Amitabha Buddha was there to receive her. In Cantonese, Grandma said: 好靓啊! 哇!满地黄金, 红宝石,黄宝石。阿镁,你有没有看到?阿弥陀佛他来接我了!

My aunt could not see this beautiful sight of precious gems and ground made from shiny gold! Grandma wanted to be alone and focus on meeting Amitabha!

They then both agreed that those present will chant with her. Grandma chanted Amitabha’s name till her last breath. Only later did we realise that what Grandma described was the Western Pure Land as mentioned in the Amitabha Sutra…

Thank you, Amitabha Buddha for guiding my Grandma. 

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Here’s recommending Dawn Chen Peiqi’s Mandarin and English new age buddhist song paying homage to the Amitabha Buddha:



南无西方极乐世界 大慈大悲阿弥陀佛
南无阿弥陀佛 南无阿弥陀佛”

~ Dawn Chen


When I was young, I looked forward to going to the Monastery near my place every Friday night for mass recitation of the Amitabha Sutra. I immersed myself in the splendour of the promised land generated from Amitabha’s compassion as it was vividly described in the Sutra.

Dear Amitabha, thank you. Thank you for giving me golden memories in my childhood and for making me feel safe in this samsara world, for I know I can turn to you for refuge.

To all who hears this, I hope you can feel the great compassion of Amitabha and I hope you feel safe and loved too. 🙂

“Amitabha’s body is the color of gold.
The splendor of his hallmarks has no peer.
The light of his brow shines around a hundred worlds.
Wide as the seas are his eyes pure and clear.
Shining in his brilliance by transformation
are countless Bodhisattvas and infinite Buddhas.
His 48 vows will be our liberation.
In nine lotus stages we reach the farthest shore.”

Homage to the Buddha of the Western Pure Land, kind and compassionate Amitabha!


Melody by Dawn Chen Peiqi
Music Arrangement: Wang Yu Xuan

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Homage to Amitabha