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Yuki and Mike both enjoy feasting and the quantity is often enough to feed a family of four. They have fun weekend activities till they collapse in their beds at the end of the day, dead tired. On many occasions, they were both framed by others. On one occasion, Yuki even got into trouble with the law!

Are they the unluckiest people on earth?

Well, Yuki and Mike actually have a common close friend, EA to thank for all these!

EA often sets emotional traps for the pair and fills their mind with evil thoughts; encourages them to casually pass harsh words of criticism at others and also instigates them to forget about those who helped them and the good of the people around him.

Constantly reminding them of how badly others treated them, EA also brews hatred in their hearts as well as makes the duo pledge to believe that they are more important than anyone else!


EA whispers words of selfishness and self-centredness to their ears and is delighted that Yuki and Mike have no words of thanks expressed to their parents.

evil thoughts

Towards their children, EA advocates a no-praise policy! With EA around, Yuki and Mike have become arrogant; filled with negativity; wallow in self-pity and always undervalue themselves.


Like a magician, without Yuki’s and Mike’s notice, EA accumulates much negative karma in their accounts. EA has great powers that shatter the duo’s invaluable crystals of virtue.

Grinding any seeds of kindness into useless samsara dust, EA then plants countless vicious seeds of non-virtue that awaits Yuki and Mike to suffer in their infinite lives ahead.


Do you feel sad for Yuki and Mike?

Alas, Yuki and Mike are actually typical people like YOUand “ME”.

u n me

Sadly, we will suffer endlessly if we have EA or our “Ego-centric Attachment” as our friend. It will make us suffer in the darkness of ignorance, life after life.

To be Continued…

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