Translated from sharing written by Abbot Venerable Jing Yuan

Regardless of our social economic status, when we are faced with situations or afflictions, we all have the same opportunity to observe our egocentric attachment. The more we observe our egocentric attachment, the more we find that we will detest this behaviour.


A person who is attached egocentrically has the philosophy that makes them see everything only in relation to themselves. They would be self-centred and very selfish.


When these people see something good, their first thoughts would be: “Is this mine?” or “I want to possess it.” That is being egocentrically attached.


When they see something unpleasant, they would want to push it to others. That is also having egocentric attachment.


When someone gives feedback, the egocentrically attached will feel at the person is criticising them.


When someone reprimands the egocentrically attached, the latter would be extremely upset and take it to heart.


Always accumulating anger and hatred as well as complaining excessively are characteristics of the egocentrically attached. Silence is the façade of the egocentrically attached.


The egocentrically attached also are envious and jealous of others; look down on others; feel that they, themselves are more superior and would distinguish themselves from others.

The egocentrically attached hate the presence of houseflies in their homes but love being showered with compliments.

With this quality of egocentric attachment, one would want the world to revolve around them. At the same time, the egocentrically attached would want control over the world.


Should the egocentrically attached fail to conquer the world and get their way, they will either be filled with anger or give up totally.

To be Continued…

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