SMS, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, WordPress, Whats App, Zoom, We Chat… There are so many social media platforms for communication.

It was easy for me to say “NO!” upon hearing the use of one more communication platform. There are just too many and I feel at times that I am drowning in messages and chat groups.

I am happy to just stay with using my familiar Whats App and Facebook.

People are often resistant to change. Though I am generally a willing learner, I too fear change!

The wave of IT is so huge, fast and forceful… it is hard to catch up and stay afloat.

However, after a sharing session by Venerable ZuDao on the reason and motivation behind the We Chat movement, I am humbled by the compassion and determination of our Abbot Venerable Jing Yuan and the BWM Sangha to use the IT tool to propagate Dharma to as many people as possible.


We completed our social media lesson tonight and had the invaluable lesson of having an unwavering heart in the turning of the Dharma Wheel to benefit all sentient beings!

Thankful to the Triple Gems!

Strongly recommending our Abbot Jing Yuan’s Page on WeChat (净远吉祥宝聚) with his sharing of the Buddha’s teachings through reflections and relatable narrations.

You can also add him using his WeChat ID: jy668c

One of the articles which was shared with us yesterday during the lesson was:




Indeed, many a time, I am led by my heart and ego more than my brain! If it were a better place in which I am heading for, it would be great!

However, we are often leading ourselves to deeper and more intense suffering in our mission to love ourselves more! Such an irony!

Think about it…

Many more thought-provoking sharing on our Abbot’s WeChat page. Add and Share!

Turn the wheel of Dharma and let Buddha’s teachings flourish!

Other sharing by Abbot Venerable Jing Yuan: