Gems are precious and shine radiantly under light. Beautiful and pleasing to one’s eyes.

Every Sunday, I will try to come to BW Monastery to collect my precious Dharma gems in a one-hour puja session!

Take aways are often different with the Venerable sharing short digestible segments of Buddha’s teachings.

Starting off the puja, we had Lecturer Boon Chuan Bok and Ms Dawn Chen leading us in the English Insightful Praise of “The Song of the Triple Gems”.

For the segment on Venerable’s discourse, Venerable Bensi shared more insight about Karma. A continuation from last week.

Many people believe that good deeds bring happiness and non-virtuous deeds brings suffering. Indeed!

However, when we meet adversities, we are angry at a person or blame certain unfavourable conditions. The essence of karma is that the day in and day out challenges which we often face are actually planted by us through our past non-virtue deeds!

People whom we think make our lives difficult are mere negative karmic effects ripening.

Knowing this is important as it helps us to accept the ordeal.

However, it does not mean to give up and just march on the spot awaiting for negative karma to ripen!

But how can we remedy the situation?

Venerable shared that we start by changing our values.

With the right values, we will plant more virtuous seeds for a better future In addition, we can repent our past non-virtuous actions and pledge to cease them.

Venerable also shared another strategy called OMAK.

O – Observe

M – Merits

A – Appreciate

K – Kindness

The Lecturer sharing for the puja today is our S15G027E Monitor, Mr Lim Tiong Boon.

He shared about how he as a MNC (Multi-National Corporation) man in the past eventually benefitted from looking out for people’s good qualities, putting himself in other’s shoes and managing his own expections. These helped him build a better relationship at work when people can be from totally different work cultures and styles.

Looking back, practicing OMAK helped him get over a difficult time and achieve success!

He survived! HE LIVES!

Ms Dawn Chen also lives to sing praises of the Triple Gems and of living, something which we often take for granted!

The audience joined in with clapping and sang along to this light hearted tune composed by Dawn! Thanking and celebrating the opportunity to be alive!

Listen to the sound track through the link below: