Attended the live stream of the Taiwan 2018 Guru Puja with Tsog Offering on 18.3.18 with two of my aunts, one of my uncles and my cousin at BW Monastery, Hall of Jewels.

Glad to also see our Lamrim Class monitor Tiong Boon Lim with his wife, Hazel and Classmate Sister LoveSnature Jolinda with her family.

Our classmate Yaohua and care co-ordinator, Nina Lee are among the 100+ Singapore Lamrim students who are personally attending the Prayer Festival in Taiwan itself!

Some of my Insightful Praise Choir mates were also attending this year’s Prayer Festival in Taiwan!

Rejoice to all!

Click on the following link to read about setting the right motivation for the Monlam Great Prayer Festival:

It is the first time for BW Monastery to organise a simultaneous participation in the 2018 Guru Puja with Tsog Offering with Taiwan as part of the Monlam Great Prayer Festival.

The afternoon live stream session of the Prayer Festival in BW Monastery had about 400++ lamrim students participating at BW Monastery.

(Youtube links for 18.3.18 afternoon sessions: )

At night, the Hall of Jewels had a joyous crowd of 800++ students with grateful hearts to participate in the live stream of 2018 Guru Puja with Tsog Offering.

All attending in BW Monastery had a sincere motivation to show appreciation and be grateful to our Guru, Master Ri-Chang for teaching us the Buddha’s Dharma and showing us the way to walk the structured path of enlightenment. We also supplicated to meet our Master Guru and learn the perfect Buddha’s teachings from him.

The Hall of Jewels was filled to the brim with positive vibes and energy!

Besides the auspicious offerings done, we also offered Master Ri-Chang’s Portrait during the Guru Puja with Tsog Offering as a form of deep respect for our Guru.

Thankful to our Auspicious Insightful Praise Class led by our team leader, Sister June Wee (奕娟), our class with our family members of a total of 87 people, offered a Sliver Elephant which represents our supplication for great strength and perseverance in our pursuit of ultimate happiness like the Buddha and the learning of his perfect teachings. Together, may we achieve Buddhahood and benefit all sentient beings!

After the puja, many participants stayed behind to lend a helping hand, clearing up and packing up the used furniture and items.

Demonstrating the true spirit of virtuous friends on a common pathway to ultimate happiness.

MEGA REJOICE TO ALL PARTICIPANTS AND GRATITUDE TOWARDS OUR BWM ABBOT, VENERABLE JING YUAN AND SANGHA MEMBERS for the opportunity to gain great merits through the collective participation in the puja and substantive practice.

I would like to thank my D.A.R.E. Class Monitor, Sister Peh May Lan for strongly encouraging me to attend the puja.

Having travelled overseas for about a week, I was physically tired and wanted to recharge for the new school term. When my family initially asked me to attend the puja with them, I didnt agree.

However, Sister May Lan motivated me on Sunday morning after the BWM English Auspicious Puja, to attend the evening’s event as it is an auspicious event not to be missed! Thanks, 美兰班长!

The link below is our Abbot’s FB post in Chinese on the event.