It is stated in the Buddhist Sutras that a person who is ordained even for just a day and a night will certainly transcend the cyclic existence and attain enlightenment like the Buddha.

Moreover, one will enjoy inexhaustible merits in his many rebirths into the happy realms as a human or deity. Those who witness a monastic ordination and rejoice in it, will also reap immeasurable merits!

400++ people were blessed to be able to witness and rejoice the short-term ordination of 21 monks @ BW Monastery.

We cherish this precious opportunity to sow virtuous seeds of renunciation and enlightenment!

The Ordination Ceremony was conducted today on 4th March 2018, Sunday
from 9.30am- 11am
at the BW Monastery, Grand Shrine Hall.

During the ceremony, our Abbot, Venerable Jing Yuan compassionately asked all who were present to rejoice and visualize that we were planting the same virtuous deeds as those who were being ordained.

Gratitude to our compassionate Abbot for his guidance.

Currently, we may not have the favourable conditions to be ordained but we can aspire to do so in our infinite lives ahead for many lives as we walk the Bodhi Path.

We also had the opportunity to make Dana offerings to 30 monks and nuns after the ceremony!

Our class, S15G027E rejoice our class monitor, Tiong Boon for being one of the 21 participants of the short-term ordination.

I am glad to attend the event with my aunt and cousin and plant virtuous seeds with this collective virtue.


Rejoice to all who were ordained today and all who attended the ceremony!

Link to BW Monastery’s official blog entry in Chinese.


Photo Credits:

FB/Yarui Chen

Irene Lee