In this digital age, many things can be done online – shopping, banking, gaming, trading, buying grocery, getting movie and concert tickets, etc.

Hassle-free and time-saving services are what we look for in this era.

Don’t say bo jio, Puja Offerings (法会供养) can now be done online too!

Specially designed for the busy people like you and me who wants to make an offering but have little or no time.

I made my 1st offering on Valentine’s Day for the Medicine Buddha Puja through the online platform via the link below. Found it pretty easy and convenient! A clear invoice of what I offered was sent to my email for record!

No brakes on me, I made my 2nd offering for my family members for The Grand Puja for the Betterment of the Living and Departed. Offered flowers and lights to the Triple Gems in just a few clicks and also made dedication of merits to my karmic debtors and prayed for good health.

Having made offerings for the living, how can I miss out my ancestors! I made a third offering for the Ancestral category – Inscription for the Departed.

Thanks to this online service, on 21 Feb, I made offerings for all my paternal and maternal ancestors and dedicated merits of the offerings to them.

Feel free to explore this fantastic yet simple online service too!


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