Today, at BW Monastery, Citiraya Branch, we had a vast offering cum appreciation dinner for all who had contributed towards the operation of our “Dragon” Geylang Centre at Citiraya. It is now termed as 龙区.

The invitation was extended to me as I have been volunteering for several months at the centre doing cleaning services on Thursday mornings on a bi-monthly basis.

So happy to see many virtuous friends who make the “Dragon’s Nest” a pleasant place! They are the gems in the nest!

Volunteering at the centre is my way of showing gratitude to the Buddha and our lineage masters!

I feel that this is one good way in which I can reciprocate what our lineage masters and Guru had done for us.

Tomorrow, once again on a Thursday morning, I will be heading down to BW Monastery in Woodlands to do some voluntary task.

I hope that the premises of the Monastery remains clean and pleasant for the 3500 devotees and the members of public who visit our monastery!

Rejoice to all the “gems” who have contributed in the maintenance of a pleasant environment in all our various locations islandwide. A extra pair of helping hand is always needed in keeping the monastery clean.

A small kind act goes a long way. Hope more will join this good cause!

Penned by Jasmine

Care Co-odinator of S15G027E