This is our way of thanking our teachers in Dharma!

Sock Choo, Thomas and I attended the 9am-11am session. The first of the four sessions in the day.

Audrey also attended the first session while Jasmine was volunteering in the recycling team for MRD!

In Buddhism, we believe that adversities are opportunities in disguise. It depends on how we receive and view the challenges as well as how we turn them into opportunities to practice and tame our minds and hearts.

As the emcee for the 9am session announced that we were about to begin, the power tripped! We could hear all the electronic devices and system all came to a halt and powered down as if they were going on a strike.

This is the greatest fear for any event!

The emcee came out to ease the tension by projecting his voice without a mic and asked all to stay calm and pray for speedy recovery of power supply.

I said softly from my seat, we should be chanting at this juncture. Then almost at the same time, I heard Lecturer Tan Tong Eng starting to chant Om Mani Padme Hom. I joined in the chant.

I could hear the wave of chanting spread row by row as it filled the hall! Then the entire Hall of Jewels was filled with sincere and earnest supplication to the Triple Gems and all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas to allow the event to be able to continue, removing all karmic obstacles.

We were a group of virtuous friends turning adversities into an opportunity to practice. Tis the beauty of the teachings of Buddha and the guidance given by our Master Jih-Chang, Teacher, our Sangha as well as all of our virtuous seniors like lecturers and monitors!

The power came back!



Peifen and I sang in the Insightful Praise Choir in the third and fourth session.

As we sang in praise, we sincerely thanked our Masters for all that they have done for us in order to show us THE WAY so that we could walk into the light and receive ultimate happiness!

For the third session, we offered insightful praises in Mandarin: 大乘皈依发心,红宝石白曼达 & 善友。

The Gentlemen in our choir!


For the English session, we sang “Vows of Aspirations to Take Refuge in the Triple Gems”, “All That You Are”, “Vituous Friend” in English and an added Mandarin Insightful Praise “拉紧我的手”!

Peifen’s grandma and aunt came to join us in the dressing room and cheered us on!

Grateful to Co-Monitor Serena and OMAK her for offering to iron my gown while I got my makeup done and hair styled! Loving act of kindness warms my heart!

Co-Monitor Serena and Yaohua both represented the Geylang and Chinatown district respectively as we sang “善友” and “Virtuous Friend” in the third and fourth session!

Sister Angela was part of the choir from Insightful Praise Choir Class 2 for the second session.

Our Abbot, Venerable Jing Yuan revisited the essence of our aspiration vow.

As we passed, across the hall, the banners of apirations prepared with much gratitude and appreciation, we held them in our hands with heartfelt dedication.

The whole congregation pledged to follow in the footsteps of Buddha and our lineage masters, life after life in pursuit of wisdom and compassion till we achieve enlightenment so as to benefit all sentient beings!

Every participant recited Master Tsong-Kha-Pa’s vow , to strongly reaffirm & express our pledge to follow lineage masters’ footsteps and propagate the Dharma!

Our families were involved too!

Brother Eng Cheong brought his family to support their mom, Co-monitor Serena! Warms the heart to have your loved ones sharing your joy and planting virtuous seeds together!

Brother Desmond, our lastest addition to our class joined them for the session too!

Co-monitor Samuel’s wife, Sister Nancy, my aunt Choy Leng and I had the privilege to take a photo with Venerable ZuGuang.

The aunt and niece pair: Irene and Aunt Choy Leng

(My fifth aunt came for the first 3 sessions! Rejoice!)

Here’s the mother and son duo: Yaohua and Sister Susan!

Here’s Yaohua’s mom in her bright yellow tee representing the Woodland’s district with me from the IP Class 1!

Some of our classmates like Jasmine, worked behind the scene. Poh Jee who worked with Brother Si Zhao in record time to produce the 新兴时代 video from scripting to shooting to producing the video in just under 2 weeks. REJOICE!

Penned by Irene Lee.


MRD 2017


“All that you are” Video

Aspirations Video