2017 Master’s Remembrance Day (MRD)

Glad that some classmates from our Buddhist class, S15G027E managed to ink their hand prints on 16th Oct 2017 and complete our Gratitude Project – “Holding on to You Always”!

Thomas and Sock Choo’s sharing:
As we prepare to commemorate Master Remembrance Day (MRD) 2017, we reflect upon our Master Jih Chang’s wish that the Buddhist teachings continue to be propagated in the three worlds and his promise that he will hold our hands and guide us towards Buddhahood if we are willing to follow!
Aspired to be like our Guru, Thomas and I supplicate for compassion and wisdom. We hope that as we continue on our learning journey in the Lamrim, we will be guided to grow in both our compassion and our wisdom so that we can play a part in fulfiling our Master Jih Chang’s wish.

thomas n sock choo

Jolinda’s sharing:



Sharing by Care Co-ordinator, Jasmine:


I am very happy we are holding our Master’s Remembrance Day event in our own monastery premises this year. In the past, we have rented premises from Big Box, Marina Bay Sands, etc to hold this event.
I am delighted to be re-charged each year after viewing the life changing videos of fellow practitioners. These life stories motivate me to be more hardworking in my spiritual practice and do more for our buddhist community!

jasmine angela

Sharing by Care Co-ordinator, Angela:

Expressing our kindness and gratitude towards our beloved Shifu! He made it possible for us to take Lamrim classes and propagated Dharma to benefit all sentient beings!
弟子愿生生世世跟随師父老師学弘扬宗大師圆满教法。願S15G027E走上菩提道! 大家同行同願,快乐菩薩行。🙏🏻😀


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