Today’s Sunday Puja in Mandarin had Lecturer Speaker, Mdm Lim Hui Ling who shared about how our past deeds are causes to our current experiences and encounters. This includes wars, wide spread of diseases, unrest and natural disasters.

As a child, I felt that the many scientific inventions and medical advancements are so wonderful! Until the day Grandma had two attacks of stroke and these could not help her. Science and medicine did not have the answer to all illnesses!

Then SARS came and took “safe” Singapore by shock as many lives were taken and affected.

The world has seen unending sufferings!

Don’t lose faith my friend!

There is a ray of hope!

The world may be a dark place but Dharma is the lamp that can bring us to out f the tunnel of gloom into eternal bliss! We must take control and keep this precious lamp close to us. If we do, we would be walking out of darkness into the light!

For those of us who are fortunate in this life to live in our safe and secure Singapore as well as embrace the Triple Gems, the Dharma will be our blueprint to navigate our way to Buddhahood. We are in the light walking towards eternal happiness and should aspire to have more to join us!

A light hearted discourse on Amitabha Buddha was also given by Venerable Zu Guang.

She shared 4 of Amitabha Buddha’s 48 Great Compassionate Vows!

Making vows and pledges give us goals and direction to forge towards.

With this positive energy, we will be driven to empower ourselves and those around us!

We must not underestimate the power of one and it can manifest into infinity!

Make your aspirations and your life will take a different turn!

Melodious Insightful Praises filled the Main Shrine Hall as the ensemble gathered for offering in songs and praise! Mega Rejoice!

REJOICE to all who attended and volunteered on this Sunday morning!