On 17 October 2017, BW Monastery was going to have the honour of receiving Sri Lankan Sangha Leader, Most Venerable Tibbatuwawe Sri Siddhartha Sumangala Thero and 4 Elders.

I too wanted to make offerings to the Most Venerable Tibbatuwawe Sri Siddhartha Sumangala Thero as I am deeply grateful to the Triple Gems.

My plan A was to attend the ceremony from 10.30am and leave for work by 12.30pm. However, closer to the date, I got to know that the offering ceremony will only start at aound 12.45pm. Thus, I arranged for my aunt to make my offering on my behalf as Plan B.


Though a little disappointed that I could not make it personally, I knew that the Triple Gems would receive my earnest offering.

On the evening of 16 Oct 2017, I received news that I will have to attend to my work from the morning to 12 noon on the 17th! That would mean that I could rush down for the ceremony to make my offering in person!

Thank you, dear Buddha for working out a Plan C for me!


I made it before 1pm! Am so blessed!


Besides making offerings for my paternal aunt’s family and my maternal cousin’s family, I too made offering on behalf of my paternal and maternal ancestors!


I visualised my ancestors, parents of countless lives, family, friends as well as karma debtors in our presence as I recited the refuge-taking verses sincerely and respectfully, making the offerings! Did the same visualisation too when the Venerables chanted blessings for all.

May we all be able to learn the Buddha’s teachings in our infinite lives until we all attain Buddhahood and benefit all sentient beings!


Treasure deeply this opportunity to accumulate virtues and merits! It is more valuable than precious jewels!

Penned by Irene Lee