On My Way to Happiness 我在幸福路上

We are gearing up for our next performance!

Rejoice to my dear virtuous friends from the Insightful Praise Choir members!

We have broken the language barrier… or perhaps, we should say that we are still breaking language barriers with members listening from reading tracks of the lyrics of the insightful prasies which are to be sung for the next big event- Masters Remembrance Day!


If some agree that it takes time, effort and practice to sing well…how about singing in a “foreign” language?

I had some experience singing “ODE TO JOY” in German… an unforgettable experience with lots of time put in just to learn the pronunciation before the music is learn. I believe our IPInsightful Praise Choir members also listened to the reading tracks for countless times to master the words! KUDOS!

In song we praise the Buddha and lineage masters, showing our gratitude towards them for showing us…

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