Finally, I did my first coastal clean up in Singapore! We have taken for granted the nice beaches in East Coast and Sentosa.

I bet many of us have no idea how much of plastic waste is washing up our beaches everyday. We have to observe the merits and kindness (OMAK) of the beach cleaners for their daily efforts in keeping the beaches clean!

Hopefully, we can keep up with the habit of reducing the use of plastic bags because this is one of the commonly found rubbish embedded deep in the sands of our beaches.

Let us start from reducing 1 plastic bag at a time :))

Here are some thoughts from my Buddhist Class Care Co-ordinators:


“I always loved to recycle materials, save electricity and reduce use of resources as much as possible.
Yesterday was my first experience at a coastal clean up.
Due to the scorching sun, we were only allocated an hour to search for litter and items that does not belong on Pasir Ris beach. As there were 2 other groups doing the same coastal clean up, I initially thought that we may not have much to pick up but to my surprise I was totally wrong! We eventually cleaned up a total of 101kg of environmental waste!
A lot of the waste was dug up from beneath, we can relate it to our bad habits accumulated over the years and the need for more environmental efforts to change it.
On a whole, I am happy & satisfied to have participated in the beach clean up and do my part for the environment.”


Cleaning up the beach was a first for me and we did it in Pasir Ris. Very happy to see other groups also doing it with us to save the earth and natural resources. My partners were a pair of mother and daughter. We diligently pick up a lot of plastic bags/bottles, foam blocks, string and ropes, etc. We hope next year, to continue this meaningful clearing beach!

Statement from BW MONASTERY’s organisers:



捡宝成绩: 15袋垃圾, 总重量: 101kg.

Penned by Yao Hua.

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水区第二年以吉祥宝聚寺的名义参与由 International Coastal Cleanup Singapore (“ICCS”) 所主办的净滩活动。

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