Cleansing of our hearts and minds at the Sunday Ausipcious Puja in English and Mandarin!

Last week’s theme was
Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva and this week was Amitabha Buddha.

So compassionate and wise are our Buddhas and Bodhisattvas! I want to learn to be like them and rely on them as my teachers.

I attended the morning Puja in Chinese at 8am and the 9.30am Puja in English.

For the Chinese Puja, Venerable ZuGuang gave a discourse, followed by a sharing by Lecturer Tan Tong Eng, both about Amitabha Buddha.

Learnt that Amitabha Buddha had 48 great aspirations. All aimed to liberate sentient beings frm suffering and guide us towards enlightenment!

We learnt to make aspirations like the Buddha.

Our Vice-Abbot Venerable Bensi led the English Puja to share about the way we could go for refuge in the Buddha.

We also learnt about effective confession as we learn about being a better person.

Following that, Lecturer Pua Hwee Leng shared how OMAK (Observing Merits Appreciating Kindness) and taking refuge in the Buddha helped her get over a knotty situation.

Melodious insightful praises were sung as we took refuge in our Triple Gems and repentence for all our non-virtuous deeds done in this life and many lives before.

We were also given small packages of rice by the monastery to offer to the Triple Gems.

People from all walks of life including little children join the virtuous offering!

After offering, we could bring these rice to cook for family at home.

Rejoice to all who attended, volunteered to help at Puja!

Next week’s theme is Medicine Buddha.

Come join us!

Daily events update:

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