We’re into the seventh lunar month, the Hungry Ghost Festival. It is a time when we are most conscious about the afterlife, about spirits, about death and what lies beyond that. Riding on the festivities of the Hungry Ghost month, BWMY brings to you a service on the process of dying and death and its implication on how we can better live our life.

Death isn’t taboo. It is real and imminent. As we gain insights on the process of dying, death and what’s next, we can channel our anxiety and fear of the unknown into optimism and hope by making positive changes in our behaviour and thought to best live every living and dying moment and to best leave for a more promising next life when death comes.  🌈

Date: 23rd September 2017, Saturday
Time: 1430-1630 (Reception starts at 1400, Service proper will commence sharply at 1430. Your punctuality is much appreciated!
Venue: BW Monastery, *Room 301,302 (Level 3)*, No. 1 Woodlands Drive 16, Singapore 737764.
For directions to get there, https://bwmonastery.org.sg/getting-to-bwmonastery/

Only the unknown frightens men. Let’s embrace and look the topic of death in its eye…👁

Hope to see you and from the bottom of our hearts, we wish you happiness.🤗

With care🌈
The Venerables and the Team



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