Do you need wisdom?

Do you need strength?

Do you want a formula?

Try this:

1. Faith to reply on the compassionate Buddha or Bodhisattva who is ever-ready with his hand reached out to help those who open their hearts.

2. Chant the Buddha’s name and gain concordance

Having attended the Puja in Chinese at 8am, I felt cleansed me of all “dust” accumulated over the past days and energised me for my sharing later for the English Puja at 9.30am.

Under the guidance of Venerable ZuHong, we made our supplication and aspirations.

I prayed to the Buddha and Bodhisattvas, supplicating for good speech merits and wisdom as I will be sharing my beginnings “on my way to happiness” as a Buddhism Discussion Class student. Hope that I can reach out to the audience and lead them to get to know our Teacher, Buddha and learn his wise teachings and compassionate ways.

I repented for any harm which I have done in my life, sought forgiveness for being imperfect, prayed for guidance to get rid of my afflictions and gain wisdom.

Thanks to our lecturers, Mr and Mrs Boon for their sharing of how the Goddess of Mercy and their life’s events led them to learn Lamrim as well as the singing of an Insightful Praise in the name of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva.

Thank you Venerables, lecturers and mega rejoice to all!

Penned by Irene Lee

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