I thank Venerable ZuSheng for giving me this opportunity to share about my journey as a Buddhist Discussion Class Student.
Due to my lack of funds in my merits piggy bank in 2010 and before, I have been opening and closing doors to seek happiness but could not find anything sustainable!
Thankfully, I topped up my merit account and am back in the house of Buddha!
Since we are talking about savings…I would like to do a little survey on a related financial term called “investment”.
If you had enough money in your piggy bank, would you buy a freehold property (ie own it forever) or a leasehold property (own it for 99-999 year lease) if they are equally good in all other aspects.
Leasehold property?
Freehold property?
YES OR NO to Leasehold?
Lets look at the audience’s advice:
Many said no to leasehold.
How about Freehold?
Wow! Many freehold supporters!
Looks like if we have the ability and resources, the audience adviced me to opt for the property that last forever versus one that has an expiry date.
Let’s wait and see my choice!
I got to know about the Dharma Class from my 3rd aunt.
She first signed me up in the Karaoke Insightful Praise class for non-students.

Then Monitors Suqing and Haihua from this Karaoke class, encouraged my classmates and I to take up the Dharma.
Before 2015, I had been investing in a “99-year leasehold property” in my life’s pursuit! Perhaps Buddha was prompting me to devote my life resources to a “FREEHOLD” property of ultimate happiness.
Before taking the Dharma Class, I knew that everyone possesses the Buddha nature, to achieve ultimate happiness and eliminate sufferings. But I felt that I was too far away from it. It’s for those who are less attached to life’s excitement. I spent decades being a good Buddhist, citizen, friend and family member. I believed in Karma, so I am sure it will bring me to somewhere good, right?
But now after taking the Dharma Class, I know I mustn’t waste any more time! I may not have the luxury to learn and practice in my next life!
I want “eternal freehold happiness”, YOU AND I CAN ALL OWN ETERNAL FREEHOLD HAPPINESS!
I made up my mind in 2016 and put aside my interests, continued teaching on a part-time basis while balancing my Buddhist studies and volunteering.
The Buddha and our lineage masters are indeed compassionate, I still had opportunities to sing at the Joyous Rhapsody Concerts, the Dana Offering Ceremony and others. At times, letting go means receiving more!

Letting go of my “leasehold properties” and saving up for “FREEHOLD HAPPINESS”.

My class has a class blog: “ON MY WAY 2 HAPPINESS” which is on Facebook,
WordPress & Tumblr. Do scan the QR Codes and find out more.


On My Way to Happiness 我在幸福路上 – A Journey with Virtuous Friends



If you are interested to start your own journey to happiness with BW Monastery, we also have the QR Code for the various Dharma courses. I strongly encourage the 10-session Dharma Appreciation Course.


I thank the Triple Gems for their teachings and guidance, not forgetting the virtuous family and friends who walk my path with me! THANK YOU EVERYONE!

Upcoming Puja: https://bwmonastery.org.sg/events/2017/9/17/-auspicious-puja-mjhsk-x7fe5

Penned by Irene Lee. (๑•͈ᴗ•͈)❀

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