21764095_10155448887194892_1145816299_o.jpg I was invited to perform two songs for the event: “MY TEACHER, MY COUNTRY” for BLOSSOM WORLD SOCIETY. It is a vibrant society dedicated to promote cultures and graciousness as well as empowers individuals with knowledge and skills, to lead and serve.

As the event was to honour teachers as well as our country, I invited my primary and secondary school teachers for the event.

I dedicated the song “WIND BENEATH MY WINGS” to all my teachers as they saw the presentation slides which I put together with my primary to secodary school photos. I just wanted to express my heartfelt appreciation to them for being there for me, allowing me to fly, to soar as they were the wind beneath my young wings!

Little would we have thought that my teachers in their 70s and 80s were so supportive and accepted my invite. I had my P5 form teacher who brought her family. My Primary School Mother Tongue teacher as well as my Principle of Accounts teacher were present too.


I prepared goodies bags with little gifts for beloved my teachers.


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(❁´︶`❁) ٩( *´﹀`* )۶♬*゜


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