Though many of our choir members are not well-versed in English, they took on the challenge to learn the “Song of the Triple Gems” in both English and Mandarin. As I was moved by their courage and willingness to play a part in praising the Triple Gem, I did a vocal recording of the reading of the song so that they can learn the pronunciation of the words.
MEGA Rejoice to our BW Monastery Insightful Praise Choir!

🙏🙏🙏 😍 Gratitude to the Sangha Community:
Virtuous Sangha are the paragon of the teachings
Practicing and teaching Dharma, upholding Buddha’s light
Noble sages of virtue! NamoSanghaya!
Leading sentient beings and upholding the Dharma…
Now that I know Sangha is my true refuge,
With my all, I will walk your ways and trust in you!


~ extract from the “Song of the Triple Gems”


Singing the Bilingual “Song of the Triple Gems” in the BW Monastery Insightful Praise Choir is such an honour at the Offering Ceremony to 60+ venerables. As the 200+ donors made the offering, we sang with gusto to show our gradtitude to the Buddha in Mandarin and then in English to Dharma and Sangha. Out Abbot shared that for all the virtuous deeds that we do, the heavenly beings will be moved by our goodness and shed tears of joy! Rejoice to all involved in this auspicious offering.