As a child, my grandma would bring me to the temple before school year started to pray for wisdom and good grades. Glad to know that BW Monastery has the Great Wisdom Manjushri Bodhisattva Puja for those pursuing knowledge and wisdom.

Manjushri means ‘wonderful virtues’, that is he has many unbelievable merits; it also means ‘wonderful first’ as his merits is first amongst all the Bodhisattvas; and it also means ‘wonderful and auspicious’ as his merits are the most auspicious. Besides these, there are many other meanings to his name.

Scholars have identified Mañjuśrī as the oldest and most significant bodhisattva in Mahāyāna literature. He appears in many sutras and is often regarded as the leader, parent and friend of the Bodhisattvas and spiritual son of the Buddha.


Puja done in English! Wonderful news for those who are not exactly strong in our Mother Tongue! Had the opportunity to share with some Woodlands residents who visted our monastery’s exhibition during the opening week. They were very happy to hear that pujas like the Heart Sutra Puja, the 35 Repentence Buddha Puja were conducted in English. They say they will be back! Happy to share this with them as we eliminate the language barrier in learning Buddhism!